World Wide Technology Legal Department

Founded in 1990, WWT has grown into a global technology solutions provider with annual revenues of $14.5 billion. With thousands of software engineers, hundreds of application developers, and unparalleled labs to test and deploy technology at scale, WWT helps customers bridge the gap between IT and business. By bringing together leading technology companies in a physical yet virtualized environment through its Advanced Technology Center, WWT integrates amazing technologies individually to create breakthrough solutions. This position reports directly to the Chief Commercial Officer. The successful candidate must be willing to negotiate and advance strategic transactions and a significant volume of sales and revenue agreements that support our business. The candidate also supports compliance with laws, rules and regulations, where applicable, and creates and trains employees on company policies related to entering into contracts. The candidate works directly with the company and advises executives and other members of the company on contractual matters on a daily basis, resolves problems that arise in existing relationships and manages litigation and pre-litigation investigations. A successful candidate must be proactive, able to offer innovative solutions that balance legal and business concerns, enjoy working hard and being challenged, have strong written and oral communication skills, demonstrate sound and pragmatic judgment in ambiguous situations, and have a healthy sense of humour. This is an exciting opportunity to work in a growing, dynamic and user-friendly legal department of a rapidly evolving IT systems integrator and to support outbound licensing and distribution transactions for the company`s commercial clients. Our legal team keeps pace with a growing and ever-changing business, providing practical advice while delivering business results. In 1994, WWT partnered with Cisco Systems to resell hardware and software.

[5] WWT has also partnered with technology companies such as Dell,[6] Hewlett Packard Enterprise,[7] Intel,[8] Microsoft,[9] NetApp,[10] F5,[11] Tanium,[12] and VMware. [13] Driven by creativity and ideation, World Wide Technology strives to accelerate our growth and foster future innovation. From our world-class culture to our generous employee benefits to the development of cutting-edge technology solutions, WWT is constantly working on its mission to create a profitable growth company that is a great place to work. We encourage our employees to collaborate, be creative and think outside the box when it comes to providing some of the most advanced technology solutions to our customers. World Wide Technology was founded in July 1990 by David Steward and Jim Kavanaugh as technology equipment resellers. [4] World Wide Technology, Inc. (WWT) is a privately held technology services provider based in St. Louis, Missouri.

The company has annual revenues of $14.5 billion (the 27th largest privately held company in the United States). 1] and the largest black company in the United States. [2] [3]) and employs more than 8,000 people. WWT works in the fields of cloud computing, IT security, data centers, data analytics and artificial intelligence, computer networks, application software development, mobile operator networks and consulting services. Headquartered in St. Louis, WWT employs 7,000 people and operates more than 4 million square feet of warehousing, distribution and integration space in more than 20 facilities worldwide. In 2020, WWT Webby received awards in the Health and Fitness and People`s Voice categories for its St. Jude Children`s Research Hospital Patient Care app. [27] WWT was named to Fortune`s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work for from 2012 to 2020. [28] In 2021, Time WWT was ranked among the 100 most influential companies in the Leader category. [29] Equal Opportunities Employers Minorities/Women/Veterans/Persons with Disabilities At a glance, WWT was founded in 1990 in St. Louis, Missouri.

We employ more than 7,000 people and generate $13 billion in revenue. We have an inclusive culture and believe that our core values are key to company and employee success. WWT is proud to announce that it has been named to the FORTUNE “100 Best Places to Work For®” list for the tenth consecutive year! World Wide Technology, Inc. delivers exceptional performance and competitive compensation. Visit our corporate website in for more information. In 1999,, LLC was established as an independent company owned by WWT, Steward, and Kavanaugh. [17] In March 2000, Telcobuy announced venture capital of $27.5 million after sales reached $246 million. [18] Telcobuy was planning an IPO of around $100 million, but when the dotcom bubble burst, the plan was withdrawn during the recession of the early 2000s. Starting in 2001, with 440 employees, the company downsized and its founders agreed to 40% pay cuts while continuing to operate. In January 2003, it was merged with WWT under a holding company.

[19] WWT set up its first large integration lab in St. Louis to increase the system`s secure configuration capability. [20] Other integration laboratories have been established in Europe and Asia, with sites in Amsterdam and Singapore in 2015,[21] and Mumbai in 2019. [22] WWT INTRODUCED A VACCINATION REQUIREMENT FOR ITS ENTIRE U.S. WORKFORCE. ALL NEW EMPLOYEES MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED BY DECEMBER 8, 2021. APPROPRIATE RELIGIOUS AND MEDICAL PRECAUTIONS WILL BE TAKEN. In 2009, WWT opened its Advanced Technology Center to enable engineers, customers, and partners to evaluate hardware and software. [23] [24] The Advanced Technology Centre has been put online. [25] In 2015, WWT acquired St. Louis-based software company Asynchrony. [26] WWT opened its first warehouse in 1996 and operates over 20 facilities with two million square feet of warehousing, distribution and integration space.

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