Why Couldn`t Law Beat Doflamingo

Also, I believe that Haki is not limited to one`s own body. If so, Law wouldn`t be able to cut Doffy even if he was in Trebol`s body. Also, there`s the plot XD The Second Time (Chapter 724), when Law used his ability on Doflamingo, he could have tried to get a stealth attack, but it would have been crazy. If he had slashed at this point, it probably would have been suicide. He could hit Sanji because he couldn`t move, he might end up falling into the ocean, and Doflamingo could still have attacked Sanji with his whip because the blow wouldn`t have stopped him. Law could easily teleport Doffy into the sea by changing the debris that had sunk into the water, but because of the conspiracy, he couldn`t get him out. Some time after this arc, however, the powers of Law`s devil fruit awakened, and his strength multiplied several times. As mentioned by Donquijote Doflamingo, awakening is a special stage that only a handful of Devil Fruit users can unlock. However, once it is reached, it completely changes the characteristics of the devil`s fruit, making it much more powerful.

In the Wano Country arc, Law`s Ope Ope no Mi woke up because he had a pretty good idea of what he could and couldn`t do in his fight against the Yonko, Big Mom. RELATED: One Piece: 5 Pre-Time Anime Characters Skip Zoro Could Defeat (and 5 He Couldn`t) Doflamingo wouldn`t have to destroy Cracker`s minions to win. Instead, all he would have to do would be to tie a thread to his hand and stop him from clapping. From there, he could use the pirate`s body as a human shield to retrieve his creations. Sometimes it is enough to accept that Laws DF will be completely inconsistent because he is literally unstoppable and therefore nervous on many occasions. There are so many ways for him to get someone out of stupidity. Law might as well lose this match as he could win. However, he can use his devil`s fruit to cut through Kid`s metal objects. Law is also a master strategist, while Kid simply rushes into battle. The former could easily trap the latter. Law simply has more tactical approaches than Kid. Trafalgar Law is one of the members of One Piece`s Worst Generation and an incredibly powerful pirate from the North Blue.

As captain of the Heart Pirates, Law reaped a whopping 200 million bays bounty before the two-year time jump and has only gotten stronger ever since. In the New World, Law has established himself as a key figure of the New Generation. In fact, Law has been the catalyst for everything that`s happening in Wano country right now. Ope Ope no Mi is a fairly powerful devil`s fruit in itself. During One Piece`s Punk Hazard arc, fans were able to see how amazing this fruit really was when Law took control of the G5 unit all by himself and ended up defeating each of them without breaking a sweat. In the pink bow dress, his skills were well countered by Donquixote Doflamingo, but Law still had more than a few tricks up his sleeve, like Gamma Knife. Strangely, Ope No Mi hadn`t woken up in Dressrosa, otherwise Law would certainly have used his powers on Doflamingo, his worst enemy. Law waited 13 years to avenge Corazon and relied solely on Luffy to eliminate Doflamingo as a last resort, meaning the fruit probably hadn`t woken up yet. As a warlord, Doflamingo would know his devil`s fruit and how to counter it. If he simply let his hatred overcome his lust, he would have no problem tying up Hancock members and killing them. Tiger-Sul Products, LLC is one of the world`s leading suppliers of sulfur bentonite, micronutrient-enriched sulfur and other plant performance products. Since 1964, Tiger-Sul, Inc.

has been a world leader in the sulfur fertilizer industry and has earned a reputation for providing superior quality products and exceptional customer service. Our collective capabilities, industry knowledge and integrity benefit our customers, suppliers, business partners, employees and the community. A good number of One Piece fans strongly downplay Fujitora, as well as other Navy admirals in general. The powerful character has only demonstrated a fraction of his power in pink. The Zushi Zushi no Mi allows him to manipulate gravity himself, and few One Piece fighters can handle such a strong ability. Jiki Jiki no Mi is a very dangerous fruit that allows Kid to manipulate the magnetic force so that he can build huge metal golems with high attack power. He can even break the bones of Big Mom himself, which is a rare feat in the One Piece series. Since then, Luffy has defeated the villains of Whole Cake Island and Wano.

Meanwhile, Doflamingo`s forces have stagnated — and arguably even diminished — from the deepest areas of Impel Down. It follows that Luffy would win with much more ease in the event of a rematch between the two. Cracker was a cute general who could create long-lasting golems. This provided him with a bulwark of defense, and his hardened cookies were so sturdy that even Luffy struggled to break them. Franky`s resilient frontal body can allow him to withstand Doflamingo`s basic attacks, but it has nothing to stop the villain from puppeting his body. As durable as the cyborg may be, it doesn`t have the speed of the monster trio, and that would be a serious problem. Keep in mind that Law and Kid had to work together just to fight Big Mom alone. Blackbeard is a much stronger threat as he is the only character in One Piece who can use two devil fruits. There is a crucial difference in the fact that doflamingo is simply stronger. Ace`s greatest asset is his unstoppable offensive prowess. Its devil`s fruit could set fire to an entire island and even rival Blackbeard.

However, since Doflamingo was able to survive Ruffy`s first use of fourth gear, he also bore the brunt of Ace`s attack. Law would certainly fight well, but Ruffy`s Haki is far superior. Few One Piece fighters can resist the power of a Gear Fourte attack, with the Conqueror`s Haki only making him stronger. Since the Onigashima raid, Sanji has become much stronger. After using the raid suit, he unlocked the genetic changes in his body. Sanji now has an extremely durable exoskeleton with a healing factor and can also move faster than the eye can see. It goes without saying that the awakening Ope Ope no Mi is quite scary and at the same time the loudest awakening that fans have seen so far.