Street Legal Golf Cart Utah

With some exceptions, the text of the law states that “a golf cart must meet the same requirements as a bicycle for traffic rules”. If a golf cart is operated on a particular highway as defined in subsection (1), it shall be equipped with: In most cases, any golf cart or other low-speed vehicle can be certified on the road, provided it meets the above requirements. You will need to go through the registration process (described above) to get a VIN number assigned to your golf cart to make it street legal. First, Riverton City does not currently have an ordinance authorizing or regulating the use of golf carts on city streets. Thus, state law is the authority that regulates the use of golf carts. Therefore, you need to fully understand these concepts to ensure that the use of your shopping cart is as safe and regulated as possible. Not only from a legal point of view, but also for your safety, that of your passengers and others on the road. It`s a good overall idea. The bill does some surprising things, considering that carts would be vehicles that would be allowed on public roads. Owners of cars driving on city streets would not have to purchase insurance, license plates or vehicle registrations. As soon as you upgrade your golf cart and register it for use in Utah, it now complies with the guidelines for low-speed vehicles.

“I would agree with that,” he said, adding that he wondered if allowing golf carts on the roads would help increase play on local golf courses. Golf carts do not have a VIN number that is automatically assigned to them. These cars do not require registration, but must have a license and a sticker on the windshield indicating that you have the license. Golf carts are great for driving around the course, but legalizing your golf cart on the road can increase the fun and value of your purchase. Knowing in advance what they are can help ensure that you are using your vehicle legally and safely. Yes, you read that right – as with any other vehicle on the road, you`ll need a driver with a valid driver`s license to drive your golf cart on a road or road. For more information on federal laws regarding golf carts and low-speed vehicles, click here. If a golf cart is driven by an unlicensed driver, it is not legal to drive on the roadway.

However, it may be legal for them to drive on the side of the road, such as an electric scooter or ATV. If a golf cart is driven by an authorized driver, it is still not legal to drive on the road unless the cart has all the safety features mentioned above. There are a variety of golf cart speedometers on the market today, and many of them can be installed without wiring experience. Summer is in full swing and it`s time for all of us to pay attention to a changing landscape on the streets of Riverton. Many more pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles and other types of traffic are prevalent and require us all to be more aware. Some of you may have noticed that a particular type of travel is missing from the list above, the dreaded golf cart. Elk Ridge City Council member Jim Chase said there was a problem with how to stop children at age 8 and see them constantly driving carts around his town. Except when crossing a highway at an intersection, a golf cart cannot travel on a highway with a speed limit greater than 25 miles per hour. The bill`s sponsor, Rep. Marc K.

Roberts, R-Santaquin, said voters in Elkridge, a community in his riding, were wondering what they could do with golf carts as residents used them to ride between their homes and a nearby golf course. Under the bill, a golf cart is exempt from the requirements for title, odometer declaration, vehicle identification, licence plates and registration. It is also exempt from the county`s emissions inspection and maintenance programs, as well as auto insurance requirements. In addition, some models may also offer travel mileage, battery measurements and more, providing additional functionality and comfort to your golf cart. There are other things to keep in mind when making sure your golf cart is legal in Utah, which we`ll cover in this guide. Of course, you need to know how fast you will make sure local speed limits are respected when driving your golf cart. I would like to clarify a few points regarding the use of golf carts in Riverton. “golf cart” does not include a low-speed vehicle or an off-road vehicle. So make sure you upgrade your car properly and work with legal experts to make sure it`s safe on the road.

The city`s golf cart regulation, dubbed HB 184 in the 2020 Utah legislature, would give Utah cities the ability to decide whether or not to allow golf carts on their roads. Currently, driving a golf cart on the road is illegal under Utah law. Chase said his city has determined it can`t deport these children unless it also names adult cart drivers — because current law doesn`t allow golf carts on Utah`s public roads. Officials said the bill, sponsored by Rep. Marc Roberts, R-Salem, would allow carts to be allowed on roads, but would prohibit children from driving them. One of the most common questions we get from our readers is, “Are golf carts street legal in Utah?” All vehicles of any speed designation – including golf carts – require reflectors at all corners of the vehicle. After registering your golf cart, contact your insurance company to discuss insurance options. I can assure you that we get a phone call when a ten-year-old and six or seven of his friends are driving on a golf cart in the middle of the road.

Conversely, if your fifteen-year-old is driving on the side of the road to a friend`s house, it probably won`t catch our attention. What we`ve covered above relates specifically to federal guidelines for golf carts – additional local or state laws in Utah may require additional criteria to legalize your golf cart on the road. Most roadside approval packages include headlights, taillights and turn signals, and some also include a horn.