Smoc Legal Services

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All calls are free and confidential. Interpretation services are available in several languages. MetroWest Legal Services provides free civil legal assistance to low-income individuals and victims of crime who would be denied justice without our help. Our main areas of practice include: family law, housing, homelessness advocacy, government benefits (including social security), education, elder law and immigration. Learn more SMOC Rent Assistance provides rent subsidies to low-income families in 37 communities. Each month, certain payments are made directly to their landlords on behalf of tenants. Rent vouchers allow families to rent on the private market and provide a subsidy on their rent. With this support, residents can pay about 30-40% of their income for rent, while SMOC RAP pays the rest. Each rental unit is audited annually for compliance with HUD quality standards and Ministry of Housing and Community Development requirements. Where appropriate, the program acts as an intermediary and link between tenants and landlords.

Call (508) 620-2335 for more information. Need a new job? Interested in a career change? MassHire Career Centers are open and ready to help! They offer professional training and workshops, CV and cover letter preparation, interview preparation and mock interviews, as well as career advice and planning. Please contact SMOC HR at 508-620-2647 for information on internships. You must submit a complete application with all the necessary documents to receive benefits. In addition, we encourage tenants to contact their landlord early and inform them of their FTAR application. Property owners or managers are needed to complete the process. Monetary donations are excluded. All donations will be used to support families leaving emergency shelters. Eligibility for a housing voucher is determined based on total gross annual income and family size and is limited to U.S. citizens and certain categories of non-citizens who have eligible immigration status. In general, the total income of the family cannot exceed 50% of the median income of the county or metropolitan area where the family wants to live. By law, SMOC must make 75% of its vouchers available to applicants whose income does not exceed 30% of the region`s median income.

Median income levels are published by HUD and vary by location. If you are eligible and have collected the required documents, you can apply directly through the central application. SMOC Rental Assistance has made 13,185 rent payments totalling $13,461,000 to landlords in the area over the past 12 months. The Home Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) program helps keep households in stable housing situations when faced with evictions, loss of utilities, and other housing emergencies caused by loss of income, increased expenses, or both. RAFT helps all types of households by allocating up to $10,000 per household to maintain current housing or move to new apartments. RAFT can cover utilities, moving costs and late rental costs, as well as future rentals in limited situations. Before applying, determine if you qualify for the application: To qualify for rent assistance in Massachusetts, you must have an income no more than 50% of the area`s median income, or AMI (check the AMI limits for your community) or no more than 60% of the AMI if you are at risk of domestic violence. and must be at risk of homelessness or housing instability.