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Under the New South Wales workers` compensation system, an employee can apply to the Independent Review Office (IRO) for legal assistance to make a workers` compensation claim or to challenge an insurer`s decision to reject a claim. Under the new system, Australian lawyers are limited in what they can be paid or claim for legal services related to TPC applications. It depends on the type of claim: SIRA, which is responsible for regulating compulsory liability insurance (CTP), has launched its new portal, Green Slip Check, to promote competition and transparency in the marketplace and give insurance buyers in New South Wales real-time access to offer comparisons of multiple insurers. Unless otherwise specified in Part 2 of the Traffic Accident Compensation Regulations, 2020, Schedule 1 of the Regulations sets out the maximum costs of legal services. Schedule 2 of the Regulations sets out the maximum fees for medico-legal services. As of October 1, 2020, maximum court fees and medico-legal fees will be indexed annually to inflation. See the maximum costs that apply from October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022. “SIRA`s next-generation coverage and price comparison portal is a great example of regulation that provides citizens with cost transparency through the use of technology,” said Karlyn Carnahan, Celent`s Property and Casualty Practice Manager for the Americas. “The use of modern technology enables the kind of scalability required for a consumer-centric initiative, and launching the project in the cloud not only enables this scalability, but has also helped increase the speed of implementation.” About SIRA is a new government agency responsible for regulatory functions related to workers` compensation insurance, mandatory motor vehicle accident liability insurance (CTP) and housing compensation. As a lawyer, you will support the achievement of the objectives of the New South Wales workers` compensation scheme by supporting: The Claims Cost Disclosure Portal for claims made on or after December 1, 2017 will soon be available. Classes of exempt workers (police, paramedics or firefighters) may be legally represented to claim compensation from workers. Private detective agencies can submit online to: Information for lawyers differs depending on the system you work in.

Please select the remuneration system in which your client is located. Before a conversion can be registered by the Workers` Compensation Board, an employee must prove that he or she has received independent legal assistance. To do this, they can independently request your services. “It`s great to see SIRA Duck Creek Rating using OnDemand to power its new consumer portal,” said Michael Jackowski, CEO of Duck Creek Technologies. “We`re thrilled to have it being applied in such a creative and important way, and we`re excited to see how quickly this project has been brought to life with the power of SaaS.” In some cases, legal fees cannot be reimbursed under the new regime. For more information, see our fact sheet on legal fees for CTP claims. (a) In the case of an Australian lawyer working for a candidate, an employee may request your legal counsel if they are negotiating a conversion or if they are classified as an “exempt” class of workers (police, paramedic or firefighter). Legal practitioners may be compensated for legal advice to an employee in connection with an application for review of the merits of a work capacity decision. BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sep 13, 2018–Duck Creek Technologies today announced that NSW, Australia`s national insurance regulator (SIRA), has launched Duck Creek`s OnDemand Rating solution to promote competitive car insurance through a next-generation online consumer portal. Information on the decriminalization of marijuana: The Security Guard Registration Act (PDF) and SORA rules and regulations (PDF) have NOT been updated and/or amended to reflect current marijuana laws in New Jersey with respect to the disqualification of drug offenses, especially marijuana.

Please read Attorney General`s Guideline 2021-1: Policy on the Disclosure of Certain Pending Marijuana Charges (PDF) and the Draft Guidelines for the Decriminalization of Marijuana. (PDF) *It should be noted that the NJSP – Private Detective Agency does NOT offer legal advice and requests for additional information on specific drug-related offences should be directed to a legal representative. For more information, please contact PDU at In 2016, the Motor Accidents Compensation Regulation 2015 was amended by the Motor Accidents Compensation Amendment (Claims) Regulation 2016 to limit legal fees for motor vehicle accident damages claimed on or after November 1, 2016, regardless of any previous cost agreement. Employees also have the right (under the Employment Injury Ordinance 2016) to seek paid legal assistance as part of a decision on working capacity. You can call us at 13 10 50 to discuss your options. The Motor Vehicle Accident Regulations, 2017 limit legal fees for damage caused by a motor vehicle accident as of 1. December 2017. To get help completing an accident report form (except for an Australian lawyer acting on behalf of a claimant if the assistance is part of Level 2), online is the easiest way for injured people to file a personal injury TCO claim. In order to receive a refund from the date of the accident, the insurer must receive the claim within 28 days. You can still make a claim up to three months after the accident, but it`s best to file a claim as soon as possible. For more information on filing claims online, visit the Personal Injury page.

(a) an amount determined in accordance with level 4 based on the amount of the assessment as if that assessment were the amount of the dissolution referred to in level 4, and the travel allowance related to the appearance as a witness – per kilometre the maximum cost of proceedings for interim relief costs related to a medical dispute involving a medical assessment referred to in Part 3.4 of the Act; New South Wales Finance, Services and Property Minister Victor Dominello said improvements to the Green Slip price comparison website had been warmly welcomed by customers. Costs related to a dispute under section 96 of the Act, as permitted by the Commission — There are new types of disputes in the statutory pension plan. a) Maximum amount per day for non-senior counsel If the settlement of the claim is made without the issuance of a certificate under section 94 of the Act – from the delivery of the response to the insurer`s offer to settle under section 82 of the Act to the settlement of the claim (in addition to the $746 amount provided for steps 2 and 3, if eligible)—.