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LEGAL ORBIT is a dynamic and progressive full-service law firm in India. The firm provides professional legal services to domestic companies, multinational corporations, financial institutions, government agencies as well as individuals with respect to their legal requirements in India and abroad. Neelam: Legal Orbit began with the vision of building a firm that could be a cost-effective alternative to expensive law firms without compromising quality. As lawyers, we are prohibited from promoting our services and soliciting work. Therefore, the satisfaction of our existing customers and their subsequent referrals to other customers are key for us. By providing the best services, we continually update our brand name. Legal Orbit management works as a mentor in developing a step-by-step plan for each member at the micro level, and we align their goals with organizational goals at the macro level. As a result, we are getting closer every day and fulfilling our mission to support our clients in their legal requirements while protecting their interests. The firm advises on various aspects of Indian law and jurisdiction in domestic and international cross-border transactions. He has worked on a range of legal issues covering various jurisdictional laws, including corporate and financial law, foreign exchange laws, labour and labour law in many sectors.

Neelam Vats demonstrates the same passion as the passionate, action-oriented and “karma” believer puts on her leadership hat at the top of Legal Orbit Advocates & Consultants, a dynamic and progressive full-service law firm. Ten years ago, the optimistic visionary tackled the challenges of the industry and decided to run a firm for those who need legal advice to find the bright side of things in the dark clouds. New Delhi 1005A – 1004B, 10th Floor Indraprakash Building, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi – 110,001 T: 91 11 4104 4979; 91 11 2331 4979 E: Established in 2011, Legal Orbit is a full-service law firm headquartered in New Delhi, India. The firm advises on corporate and commercial law, regulatory compliance, insolvency and insolvency, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, private equity, venture capital, intellectual property rights, litigation and arbitration. Legal Orbit provides professional legal services for infrastructure, oil and gas, energy, technology, real estate, e-commerce as well as individuals with regard to their legal requirements in India and overseas. The Legal Orbit team are different elements of the symphony we create in our organization to provide a seamless and hectic-free experience for our dynamic clients. I firmly believe that the sense of belonging that acts as a glue to build a strong team makes people feel like they are an integral part of the organization. 电话:011 4104 4979; 011 2331 4979 电子邮箱 Under the able supervision of Senior Partner Neelam, Legal Orbit represents and advises various names, including national corporations, multinational corporations, financial institutions, government agencies as well as individuals, regarding their legal requirements in India and abroad. Neelam: Yes, absolutely! The least a person can do is take care of the people around you, whether it`s your team members, your support staff at home, in the office or in the building, everyone around you that you find in need.

As an organization, we also extend a helping hand in our pro bono legal work for people in need who are referred to us by the NGOs we are in contact with. Have a goal, but enjoy the roller coaster to your destination without passing on your luck and the time of your family friends. Be grateful to the Almighty and keep negativity and negative people away from yourself. Neelam Vats Neelam: To all women leaders on the path to leadership. Whatever milestones you`ve reached or are just starting out, I suggest you work on these two steps as you strive to lead. We provide specialist assistance in various areas of Indian law, domestic courts and international transactions. In addition, we deal with various legal issues that require correct interpretation of the law, such as corporate law, financial law, foreign exchange law and labor law, in many related industries. bankruptcy and liquidation; 合规; Ltd.

Yoshoji; Public administration; territorial launch; 知识产权; 合营企业; 劳工与雇佣; 诉讼; 并购; 项目融资。 新德采 1005A – 1004B, 10th Floor Indraprakash Building, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi – 110,001 In the first few months of 2021, we had the opportunity to sit down with Entrepreneur of the Month, Neelam Vats, for our next edition of 30 Women Entrepreneurs to see who inspires us in 2021. Here are excerpts from the interview, which give an overview of his journey from the idea of Legal Orbit, overcoming challenges and leading a team: She advises on various aspects of Indian law and jurisdiction in domestic and international cross-border transactions. He has dealt with a range of legal issues that deal with the laws of various jurisdictions, including corporate and financial law, foreign exchange law and labour law in many areas. Neelam: Right now, success for me is a continuous journey of striving for excellence in everything we do. For a company, from now on, expanding our team and catalyzing growth is what I am looking at. TLEGAL ORBIT EST UN CABINET D`AVOCATS INDIEN PLEIN DE VITALITÉ ET D`AMBITION. Le cabinet fournit des services juridiques ciblés à ses clients, qu`ils soient impliqués dans des affaires nationales ou internationales, y compris des entreprises nationales, des sociétés multinationales, des institutions financières, des ministères et des particuliers. Avocats présents: 12 (3 persons) Department: Shinde-ri Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Compliance, Business and Trade, Corporate Governance, Inbound Investment, Intellectual Property, Joint Ventures, Labor and Employment, Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Project Finance. Neelam: Wir arbeiten mit Teamgeist und glauben an ein Umfeld, in dem jedes Mitglied respektiert wird und ein förderliches und sicheres Umfeld bietet, in dem es als Profi wachsen kann und motiviert iste. bei jedem Auftrag sein Bestes zu geben.

파산 및 도산, 법규 준수, 법인 및 개인 자문, 기업지배구조, 국내 투자, 지적재산, 합작투자, 노동 및 고용, 소송, 합병 및 인수, 프로젝트 금융. Neelam: I see every challenge or adversity as an opportunity to climb another step up the ladder of success. After mentioning the challenges, COVID-19 was indeed an unprecedented time for businesses around the world. Although it affected various aspects of business, regardless of profession, it was a revelation in terms of technology and its pressing needs in this period of the time. Neelam: Actually, we were initially faced with an acceptance challenge. Prior to founding this firm, members of the founding team were partners in the Tier 1 law firm or key industry players and worked for some of the biggest brands. As we struggled to break into our business, these brands suddenly hesitated because we no longer wore the business cards of these Tier 1 law firms or major industry players. However, we were still the same professionals with a similar level of expertise, skills and knowledge. bankruptcy and insolvency; Careful; Business and commerce; Corporate governance; inward investment; intellectual property; Joint ventures; Labour and employment; Litigation; mergers and acquisitions; Project financing. Neelam: Lawyers, like all professionals, can stay motivated by getting quality work and an adequate salary for their services.

However, we go one step further by making sure to discuss each team member`s professional and personal goals individually. – Neelam Vats shared his recent favorite words about motivation control. For CEO Magazine readers who are on their way to becoming future leaders, I want to emphasize making mistakes because I did too, but each mistake gave me the wisdom to shape the organization with a long-term perspective. In short, it was worth it and I think it should not have been avoided. 전문 인력 수: 12명 (파트너 3명) 본사: New Delhi Neelam: I fully enjoyed my trip as an entrepreneur. I firmly believe that every mistake I have made has been a learning process for me. Every entrepreneurial business has its own trajectory and every entrepreneur makes their own mistakes. The firm`s practice covers all aspects of Indian law and jurisdiction in domestic and international cross-border transactions. The firm has handled a wide range of cases involving corporate, financial, foreign exchange, employment and labour law, and has worked in a wide range of industries. Nous avons fait face à un défi convaincant dans le démarrage d’une entreprise, un défi d’acceptation. Finalement, avec notre persévérance et notre foi, nous avons renversé la situation.

Les temps et les situations ont changé et nous nous sommes fait un nom apprécié par nos clients. Près d’une décennie plus tard, après sa fondation en juillet 2011, la société de New Delhi déploie stratégiquement ses ressources pour dépasser les attentes de ses clients.