Mp Civil Services Classification Control and Appeal Rules 1966 in Hindi

Explanation. – If, for the purposes of this Article, an official belonging to a service or holding a civilian post in any grade is promoted, on a probationary or temporary basis, to the service or civil post of the next higher grade, he shall be deemed, for the purposes of this Article, to have been entitled to service of the 3. An appeal pending at the beginning of these Regulations against an order made before such entry into force shall be considered, and An order shall be made in accordance with those regulations. as if such an order had been made and the appeal would be preferred under these rules. 3. Notwithstanding subsection (1), these Regulations apply to a public servant who is temporarily transferred to a service or employment that, other than subparagraph (d), falls within subsection (1) to which these Regulations would apply, except for such a transfer. (b) a temporary official of the Government appointed pending a new order on the ground that his services are no longer required; or (i) Provide that in the event of disagreement between the borrowing authority and the lending authority, the staff member`s services of the lending authority shall be replaced; (b) conduct an investigation in accordance with Article 14(3) to (23) in all cases where the disciplinary authority considers such an investigation necessary; (ii) If the disciplinary authority considers that the public official should be subject to one of the sanctions referred to in article 10, subparagraphs (iv) to (ix), it shall replace the services of the official at the disposal of the lending authority and transmit to it the investigation procedure relating to the measures it deems necessary. (2) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (1), the Governor may, by order, exclude any class of government employees from the application of all or part of these rules. [Notification No. C-6-5-97-3-1, August 13, 1997.] – In accordance with Rule 12 (2) (a) and (b) of the Madhya Pradesh Civil Service (Classification, Control and Appeal) Regulations 1966, the Governor of Madhya Pradesh hereby authorizes all State Divisional Commissioners to impose the sanctions referred to in Rule 10 (i) to (iv) of the said Rules on Class I and II officials (except for officers of the judiciary and the State Police Department. The governments of the Länder in their respective ministries. (i) To withhold salary increments for a staff member who has not passed a ministerial examination in accordance with the rules or orders governing the office to which he belongs or the post to which he belongs, or the conditions of his appointment; 2. Any order issued by the competent authority and in force immediately before the entry into force of this Regulation concerning the classification of civilian employment under the jurisdiction of the State shall remain in force until amended, repealed or supplemented by an ordinance.

the Governor under subsection 1. (ii) if, for reasons to be recorded in writing, the disciplinary authority is satisfied that it is not reasonably possible to conduct an investigation in the manner provided for in these Rules of Procedure; or (a) to the appointing authority where the contested order is issued by an authority subordinate to it; or (ii) the exercise of the remedy, if such remedy has been preferred. 3. A request for review shall be treated in the same way as if it were an appeal under this Regulation. [Note II. The powers conferred on the Governor under this rule shall be exercised by the Supreme Court in the case of bailiffs.] (ii) the authority to which an appeal would be lodged if no appeal has been lodged is under its authority. 2. The complaint shall be lodged with the authority to which the appeal has been lodged and a copy shall be forwarded by the complainant to the authority which adopted the contested decision. It must contain all essential statements and arguments relied upon by the complainant, must not contain disrespectful or inappropriate language, and must be complete in itself. (b) Proceedings instituted under these Rules at the beginning of these Rules shall be continued and settled, to the extent permitted by the provisions of these Rules, as if they had been conducted in accordance with these Rules. the services listed in the Annex and the other services or grades listed in the Annex and any other services, grades or bodies which may be notified by the Government of the Land from time to time.

The Deputy Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1966 (a) whether the procedure set out in these Rules has been followed and, if not, whether such failure has resulted in a violation of the provisions of the Constitution of India or a failure of justice; (2) Nothing in these Rules shall be construed as depriving a person to whom these Rules apply or of a right of appeal to which he was entitled under the rules, notifications or orders in force before the entry into force of these Rules. (3) If a sanction of dismissal, dismissal or compulsory retirement imposed on a suspended staff member is set aside on appeal or review in accordance with these Rules and the matter is referred for further investigation or further action or by other instructions, the suspension order shall be deemed to have remained in force from the date of the original termination order. Dismissal or forced retirement and remains in effect until further notice. (v) the transfer of a civil servant on probation to another service, grade or position, permanent, grade or position, during or at the end of the probationary period, in accordance with the conditions of his appointment or the rules and orders applicable to that probationary period; Before making such an order, the disciplinary authority shall comply with the provisions of paragraphs 3 and 4 of Article 15.