Missouri Supreme Court Clerk Salary

OSCAR provides an easily searchable list of federal judges and information on nominations. Many federal judges prefer to receive application documents electronically through the OSCAR system. However, some judges prefer to receive applications by mail. Please visit OSCAR, oscar.uscourts.gov to determine the specific application method each judge prefers. Please note that for judges who choose to receive nominations through OSCAR, all entries will be communicated to all judges on the same day (usually immediately after Labour Day). Public servants work closely with their judges and judicial staff. For this reason, the judge will use the interview as a way to see who you are as a person and how the personalities in the office blend together. The judge will also likely ask you questions about the points on your resume, the nature of your writing sample and the research you did there, and the reasons for an internship. If a judge indicates that he or she will wait until the fall to interview students, you can send the judge(s) a cover letter, curriculum vitae and transcript updated the summer before Year 3L. If you are interested in applying for internships with Missouri appeals judges or Jackson County District Judges (16th Judicial Circuit), send each judge an application package in August prior to Year 3L. In general, an application package for a judicial internship includes the following: If you would like to discuss articling placement, you are welcome to stop by Room 103.

We can also put you in touch with alumni who have worked as clerks. Please also feel free to discuss legal rotations with Professor Douglas Abrams, Chair of the Faculty of Law`s Judicial Committee, or a member of that committee. If you are applying to a judge outside OSCAR and need to send your documents by mail, your cover letter, resume and transcript must be sent all at once. Letters of reference may also be sent in this kit; However, each must be in a separate, sealed envelope and placed in the largest package of material. Focal points may also send letters to the court separately; If this is the case, make sure your cover letter clearly includes something like “My reference letters send their letters of reference directly to the court.” Please follow any instructions given by judges or courts for their application procedures. Essentially, a clerk does what the judge does. An employee of an appeal judge will spend a lot of time researching and writing, often the first draft of a notice. Trial court clerks assist the judge in administering all stages of litigation, including application practice, discovery issues, conciliation conferences, jury selection and trial conduct. Legal rotations offer young lawyers the opportunity to work closely with a judge for one or two years after graduation, giving them valuable insight into the judicial process and their exposure to many areas of law. Internships are available in federal and state courts at the appellate and litigation levels. A big part of finding an internship is research. Procedures and timelines may vary for each judge you want to apply to, so it`s important that you prepare for the application process well in advance.

If you are considering internships in other state courts, contact those courts during the semester 2L year vacation and inquire about their hiring processes and timelines. If you are considering an articling period, keep in mind that there are many types of judges who hire employees and consider the variety of options offered by different courts. If you are considering an internship in Missouri, please visit www.courts.mo.gov. On this site you can collect information about the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and District Court judges. If you are considering state internships outside of Missouri, please visit the official website of the state(s) you are interested in. If you are considering a federal articling period, please note that on May 2, 2008, the Federal Law Clerk Information System (FSIS) was merged with the Articling Application and Review System (OSCAR). To visit the OSCAR website, please visit oscar.uscourts.gov. If you are interested in working for a specialized court (such as the tax and bankruptcy courts), you can contact faculty members who teach and/or write in the field.

In addition, some of MU`s law schools have served as clerks and would be happy to share their experiences with you. Please note that students using OSCAR must create a student profile. A student profile must be created before a student can proceed with letters of recommendation and other application procedures. While there are general guidelines on the timing of nominations, remember that each judge hires according to their own schedule. It is important that you set application deadlines for the respective judges you wish to apply to. Strategic Workforce Development Inc. – Kansas City, MO Judges do not participate in OSCAR and recruitment times vary from judge to judge. In Missouri, it is not uncommon for some Supreme Court justices to interview students in the second semester of Year 2L. However, some Supreme Court justices will wait until the 3L year to interview candidates. For this reason, it is best to send a petition package to each Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri in January of the year 2L.

If you would like to arrange a hands-on interview with your career development team, please visit room 103. We are happy to help you answer some standard interview questions that may be asked.