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To ensure that our company is a leader in all respects in the markets in which we operate, we have refocused significant internal resources to further improve the way our business is managed. This means identifying and implementing improvements in the way we work. To this end, we have recruited a manager with a legal background in the UK, who has experience in both law firms and in-house legal teams, to lead the way. As we improve the way we practice and manage our business, our lawyers have time to focus on what matters most: serving our clients. Of course, our customers only benefit from this change! CLIENT: Great Russian businessman COMPANY/COMPANY: Local representative of the above client in a high-value dispute currently pending before the Cypriot court. TESTIMONY: (To Menelaus) You and Christos have done a very good job in this legal case. I know you/Christos have been pressured at times. Grateful for all your professional service! The client is also happy Note: If someone asks me who I think is the best lawyer in Cyprus, I always mention your name! CLIENT:Private clientCOMPANY/COMPANY:Private client in real estateTESTIMONIAL:Mr. Savvas Savvides was recommended to us by a professional architect to help us and advise us on a difficult real estate purchase. Savvas was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout, and his dedicated and approachable personality made our interaction with him a pleasure. We were grateful that his integrity and expertise were available to us, and we would not hesitate to contact him in the future for legal matters. We therefore recommend it wholeheartedly.

CLIENT:Private clientCOMPANY/COMPANY:Private client in real estateTESTIMONIAL:Savvas Savvides guided us through a complex purchase of building land and subsequent permits, and then advised us throughout the construction to help us solve many difficulties with the contractors. We have always found him totally professional, competent and above all very considerate and accessible. We recommend it for all legal services. CLIENT:Institutional clientCOMPANY/CORPORATE:Institutional real estate clientTESTIMONIAL:Mr. Savvides has been our advisor for many years for all our needs, including investments, legal requirements, etc. Mr. Savvides and his law firm always provide excellent service, professionalism and personal attention to every detail. He and his staff are amazing, knowledgeable and available when needed. We always have a positive experience and always recommend it to our family and friends.

CLIENT:Corporate Client:Corporate Client in the context of a DISPUTETESTIMONIAL:For 12 months, I had the opportunity to admire Ms. Hadjisoteriou`s meticulous fact-checking, meticulous legal research and concise logic on how best to build a case in an understandable way. I can only passionately recommend them for all legal disputes. She was and is at my service 24/7, which gives peace in the most difficult situations. “They offer the best chance of success in delivering the legal product because they perform a thorough analysis of each case. The team creates trust. Michael Kyprianou`s team acted quickly and embraced the technological changes necessary to advance our cases during the lockdown period due to the spread of Covid-19 and ensured that they were continuously available to support us. In addition, the Cypriot fund industry has also developed in recent years, particularly following the recovery of the economy after the financial crisis and the upgrading of the country`s sovereign rating to investment grade. Recent developments in the legal and regulatory sector and the continued efforts of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (“CySEC”) to modernise and improve regulatory systems and comply with European standards have had a very positive impact on the sector, with the number of funds and assets under management increasing rapidly in recent years – and the outlook for the future looks promising.

The company sponsors the award in memory of the company`s founder at one of the most prestigious schools in Cyprus. The goal is to inspire students in their final year of high school to become lawyers. Submissions are open to students who plan to study law at university. Topics will focus on current legal concepts that have profound implications for society, such as the protection of the right to a fair trial and the scope of punishment for heinous crimes. We have assisted clients with legal issues related to the registration of the organization and continue to provide legal advice on a pro bono basis. MICHAEL KYPRIANOU & CO. LLC was founded over 25 years ago and since then we have repeatedly provided our clients with effective and efficient legal solutions, taking into account not only their legal needs and objectives, but also their business needs and objectives. Therefore, it is difficult to identify a single practical example. Menelaos Kyprianou: His legal expertise in this area of law, his strategic approach to business and his analytical skills. Andres Lytras: His legal knowledge, his practical commentary on investigations involving complex and interrelated issues, and his attention to the details of the case. “Marina Hadjisoteriou offers excellent customer service.

Constantly available, fully committed to the client`s cause and enjoying great respect in the Cypriot legal community, she is a lawyer who can be turned to in all matters of dispute resolution in Cyprus. Constantina Zantira is a very bright rising star. She is very hardworking and with great attention to detail. » CLIENT:Private hospital in CyprusCOMPANY/COMPANY:Private hospital in Cyprus in the context of a disputeTESTIMONIAL:I Take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the entire Michael Kyprianou & Co team for the high level of professionalism, responsiveness and intellectual legal insight in the case. “Our main point of contact is Savvas Savvides – a talented and fast thinker who had ideas on how to overcome different obstacles and was creative and open-minded. Michael Kyprianou`s team will do everything possible to provide the best possible legal advice. “Lawyers are experts in developing legal strategies and work with large international project teams to complete cross-border asset recovery assignments.