Mel Legal Pty Ltd

Meritus Legal is a full-service law firm that advises in various areas of law. Our highly qualified and friendly team is ready to offer you a wide range of legal services in the following areas Whether you are a start-up or a mature business, we provide legal advice and advice for all stages of your company`s lifecycle. We help our clients deal with the new legal challenges and risks associated with growing their online business. At Meritus Legal, we attribute the maxim: “If you succeed in your business, we succeed.” We want to be part of your journey in building a successful business and believe that a trusted legal advisor is one of the prerequisites for your long-term success. Our competent team advises you on good corporate governance and trains you on the duties and obligations under the German Company Act. Our extensive experience allows us to guide our clients through complex data protection laws. Melissa Sandars was admitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia in 2010 and has since practised as a criminal and asset settlement lawyer. We advise our clients on intellectual property relevant to their business and how they can protect and enforce their rights. Regardless of the size of the team, we are here to help your business solve various employment-related problems. If you are involved in a dispute with another party, seek our advice from the outset to enforce your rights and explore the options available.

She has extensive experience in criminal law, traffic law, guardianship and administration, mental health and property regulation. We specialize in a range of contract law matters, including supply contracts, joint ventures, employment contracts and contractor contracts. Mel has experience with the Department of Corrections (primarily the Juvenile Court), Legal Aid and the Mental Health Law Centre. Melissa (also known as Mel) Sandars has been Managing Director and Counsel of Mel Legal Pty Ltd. since 2016. Our lawyers are highly skilled, pragmatic and effective problem solvers. At the same time, we are very accessible and people-centered.