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Sheffield Padilla told the media above that he can make sure the product is modified, but they don`t know what substance: “Right now, and that`s a fact, is that Golden Hills is a soluble coffee that is adulterated. The study will be published as is; My doubt is not that it is falsified, but with what, then for legal terms, I lack study, but for consumer information, I will publish it. “These are two products of the Golden Hills brand: Golden Hills Soluble Decaffeinated Coffee from 100g and Golden Hills Coffee Soluble Blended from 100g. On them, Profeco mentions that they do not specify the amount of total sugars and that they have a very high content. “Although there is no indication of total sugars, two brands have very high levels that would indicate possible adulteration, although it is pure coffee and mixed coffee” Ingredient analysis: image/svg+xmlIt is unknown if it contains palm oil image/svg+xmlIt is unknown if it is vegan image/svg+xmlIt is unknown, if it → vegetarian The analysis is based only on the listed ingredients and does not take into account the methods of treatment. Mexico City, Oct. 4 (EFE)– Former Mexican President Vicente Fox (2000-2006) will meet with international marijuana entrepreneurs at the Canna Mexico Summit this month to overcome the delay in its regulation in the country that could become the world`s third-largest market, he said in an interview with Efe on Tuesday. “We miss the party, useless, for no reason. I believe it is important to move forward because Mexico can become one of the 10 largest markets in the world,” said the former president, who comes from the now opposition National Action Party (PAN). The businessman also warned that “the industry is already mature in various places today,” especially in the United States, Canada, Colombia and Peru, so entrepreneurs from these and other countries will be present on October 19 and 20 at the Fox Center in San Cristóbal (Guanajuato), near the city of León. International companies, he added, “are looking for distributors, strategic partnerships and alliances, and so there is a very good opportunity to do business by attending this event.” Mexico will take place a year after the country`s Supreme Court (SCJN) declared Mexico`s ban on recreational marijuana use unconstitutional in June 2021. It`s been five years since Congress approved the medical use of cannabis in 2017.

But Fox lamented that regulation in Mexico “still has a lot of shadows, many areas that haven`t been encouraged to regularize, and so there are parts of the industry that are cut off, and you can`t liberate industry, investment, technological development.” The former president said part of the opposition to the legislation in Congress and regulation within the Federal Commission for the Protection of Health Risks (Cofepris) is linked to the position of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, conservative on the issue. “At the end of the day, and I have to say it with all his letters, but that I do a poll, that he realizes that public opinion is no longer against this product, that public opinion is against violence,” he said. Therefore, the politician and businessman promised “a lot of information and a lot of updates” in the medical field, with news about “the huge benefits” emanating from cannabidiol (CBD) formulations. The summit will bring together specialists from TEC Salud, the medical branch of Tecnológico de Monterrey, and entrepreneurs who will share the innovations that have occurred in the regions of the United States, Canada and Europe after medical legalization. “The idea is to give Cofepris the elements to continue. There`s no reason to stop this, the only thing that happens is that we lose investment, we lose jobs and we lose tax revenue,” he said. MEXICO`S POTENTIAL The former president admitted that there were “a lot of fantasies” in the marijuana market, which “is not this panacea in search of gold and extraordinary and exorbitant profits.” Nevertheless, he said that “it will certainly be a very important economic sector in the free trade agreement” between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) “once Mexico has completed its legalization process.” “Giving numbers would be a bit cheerful, but it`s definitely a multi-billion dollar industry,” he said. Therefore, it seemed “really inexplicable” to the fact that despite the Supreme Court`s decision, Congress does not enact laws and Cofepris does not have an order authorizing the use of the entire chain of medical marijuana. “On the playful side, it is no longer a question of frightening someone, it is not about vicious, drug addicts, as it is then imposed on this industry. It`s relaxing, because it can be good tequila taken in moderation,” he argued. The former president said that 20 years ago, when he was leading Mexico, he was interested in the security of the issue.

That`s why he urged lawmakers to see the “wonderful” part of the industry, not the “dark part.” “Today we have already taken this wonderful little plant from criminals, capos, cartels, and this little plant has been placed in the hands of businessmen, farmers, ejidatarios, farmers, pharmacists, people who will use this plant well,” he concluded. (c) EFE Agency soluble coffee Mezcaldo with 30% caramelized sugar The result was that all soluble coffees analyzed do not contain starch, have complete information, correspond to the net content, in addition to those that contain sugar, declare it correctly. However, two products aroused suspicion. Each 100 g serving of “CAFE LEGAL LEGAL 180 G” contains 360 kcal (1,506 KJ). The following pie chart shows the distribution of heat in the product based on the type of nutrients. In the study, they analyzed net content, moisture, acid or alkalinity content, caffeine content, no starch and performed tests with the addition of corn and chickpeas to determine starch, the review states: “Adulteration of soluble coffee and coffee beans has long been a problem. However, adulterations with corn and chickpeas are not taken into account in relation to this content. Therefore, a study was carried out to see the feasibility of starch determination and thus be able to observe this possible addition. The result was published in Consumer Magazine in the January 2021 issue. In that paper, the agency reported that it evaluated 12 pure soluble coffees and seven coffees mixed with sugar, including several popular brands such as Nescafé and Café Legal, as well as the non-decaffeinated and decaffeinated presentations. Join the #ingredients channel in our Slack chat section and/or learn more about ingredient analysis on our wiki if you`d like to help. Thank you very much! Comparison with the average values of products in the same category: → note: For each nutrient, the average is not that of all products in the category, but that of all products for which the amount of nutrients is indicated.

New York, 4. A New York judge ruled Tuesday that the trial of far-right Steve Bannon, a former adviser to former President Donald Trump, for allegedly cheating on a fundraising campaign to build a border wall with Mexico will take place in November 2023, local media reported. However, the Togado has not set a specific date for the start of the trial, in which Bannon is charged with two money launderings, a double conspiracy and a crime of intrigue to fraud related to his work on We Build The Wall, a fundraiser to fulfill Trump`s promise to build a wall on the southern border. Bannon, who could be sentenced to a maximum of 15 years if convicted, has already pleaded not guilty to all charges at a previous hearing. The New York Prosecutor`s Office launched an investigation into Trump`s controversial former adviser in February last year after the former president pardoned him before he left the White House. But the “preventive” pardon granted to him by Trump only applies to possible federal crimes, not state crimes, as is the case. (c) Agencia EFE In an interview with Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, director of Profeco, with Milenio, he mentioned that this second step would be carried out at the National Autonomous University of Mexico: “We checked all the brands of soluble coffee in the country, only Golden Hills made us suspicious about the high sugar content. Then we lack a test that only UNAM can perform to have the power of what they falsify it with,” and clarified that only the maximum study house has the necessary equipment for this test, but that the laboratory has remained closed due to the pandemic.

The case of the ophthalmologist who received the COVID-19 vaccine in Mexico. and now no one knows who it is The product has the code EAN 7501052414447, it is called Sugary Drinks, CAFE LEGAL of the brand LEGAL, it is distributed with an amount of 180 G.