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Experience in tutoring, translation and interpretation. -Ability to edit and revise other translations. -Experience in translating from Arabic and French into English and vice versa. -Strong ability to translate legal documents. -Unusual ability to work independently to solve problems while demonstrating good organizational skills. -Great attention to detail with excellent work ethic. Our translation agency provides certified translation services to Boston businesses and individuals. Our certified translations are accepted by USCIS and cover a wide range of documents, from passports and birth certificates to larger and more complex documents, including legal statements and contracts. We offer certified translation services to and from 100 languages. National Security Education Program Fellow, August From 2006 to May 2008, I focused on studies in Arabic language, linguistics and literature, with a specialization in Arabic-English translation, and reached an advanced high level (3+ on the IELTR government scale). I focus on media, government/NGO reporting, and social science research, but I have also translated literary and legal texts. I have also just finished studying Arabic in Damascus, Syria for 12 months and have mastered Modern Standard Arabic as well as the Syrian dialect on a professional level and have become familiar with the cultural and religious context needed to gain a full understanding of the Arabic language.

We provide reliable and professional Spanish translation services that help Boston businesses engage Spanish speakers locally and globally. With the help of our experienced Spanish translators and project managers, you can be sure that your Spanish translation project is in good hands and that the translated content is ready for use by your target audience. Our extensive team of Spanish translators speaks not only the language fluently, but also experts in specific dialects and topics, including medical, legal, financial and technical fields. If you are accused of a crime, your future is at stake. If you`re an Arabic speaker or non-native speaker who doesn`t have access to language support, it can be particularly nerve-wracking to navigate the legal system. For non-English speakers, it is important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Actions taken immediately after being charged with a crime can be decisive for the outcome of your case. At Dhar Law, LLP, we offer the services of an interpreter in several major languages spoken in Boston and MA, including Arabic. We are a world-class, compassionate and highly skilled criminal defense firm that represents clients from many of Boston`s diverse cultural communities. We are proud to defend the rights of all those accused of a crime, including those who may be disadvantaged in the legal system due to language and cultural barriers. I am an experienced Arabic-English and English-Arabic translator with more than 12 years of experience in the field, in addition to more than 13 years of professional experience in which I have used both English and Arabic every day.

I am a native speaker of English and Arabic. I have a native mastery of MSA and the colloquial Egyptian language and an almost native command of Levantine and Gulf/Iraki. I am the most competent in the translation of legal, commercial, technical, marketing and advertising, political, literary and IT documents, although I have also produced works that have been highly appreciated in the medical field. In addition to translation and interpreting, I have years of experience as a graphic designer and desktop editor and I have my own voice recording studio to record voiceovers. I am very fast and very good at what I do and I offer reasonable prices. I worked in a law firm as a translator/interpreter. I can translate from and into any of the three languages; Arabic, English and French. Due to today`s global economy, diversity and cutting-edge technology, english and foreign language interpretation has become an increasingly central service for Boston`s city and economy, necessary to facilitate language needs for the complex composition of communities around the world. One of the most common forms of interpretation in Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew required by international language companies comes from the field of law. Every day, law firms across the country face language barriers that are consistently difficult in their many cases. The field of legal interpretation involves a variety of difficult tasks, including interacting with different parts of the justice system. In a field as dynamic as legally certified interpreting, it is necessary to find the most professional, experienced and cost-effective legal interpreter for Hebrew, Farsi and Arabic in Boston to facilitate your legal proceedings.

In a city where population and business interests are as diverse and complex as Boston, legal interpretation is an extremely unique field that encompasses many aspects that are not limited to the courtroom. On the contrary, legal interpreters are available to work in various facets of the law, such as lawyers` conferences, law enforcement investigations, testimony, witness interviews, and administrative or legislative hearings. Legally certified interpreters need highly qualified specialists trained in Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew because of the significant consequences that can arise from misinterpretation. A legally certified interpreter must be able to understand and meet the needs of different languages, as well as be able to decipher the large amount of legal terminology that may be present during a court case. Although interpreting Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew is a very specific and difficult task, legal interpreters are absolutely necessary as the world gets smaller and smaller. For more than a quarter of a century, American Language Services (AML-Global) has been a leading provider of language services in Hebrew, Farsi and Arabic. We provide high-quality services to a significant number of large corporations, law firms and government agencies in Boston and other markets in the United States and abroad. We work in Boston and around the world in all languages for written translations, transcriptions and oral interpretation. The experienced staff at American Language Services has the experience and state-of-the-art technology to enable us to find the most qualified local legal interpreter in any language and location for your assignment. U.S.

language services can be reached 24/7 at 800-951-5020. Specialists in interpretation, translation, transcription and media who provide professional and global multilingual services for all sectors. Therefore, in Boston and elsewhere, interpreters are subject to high demands, as they must pass various tests to obtain the status of legally certified interpreters. A legally certified interpreter has passed written and oral examinations in Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi, in which he must demonstrate consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills as well as his mastery of the source and target languages in legal terminology. The public and private sectors use these interpreters as part of the rigorous day-to-day operations of the state and federal justice systems. Working with an experienced company that understands the needs and rules of a court case is crucial to the outcome of any case. JR Language provides professional document translation services for Boston. We provide document translation in a variety of industries, including marketing translations, financial document translations, legal translations, and medical document translations. Our document translation services help Boston businesses achieve their international goals to survive in today`s global economy. We manage document translation projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. Boston`s economy is supported by key industries such as education, advanced technological research, medicine, and tourism. Our translation service provider is fortunate to have worked closely with the city`s key industry players, such as Boston Children`s Hospital and Harvard University, to provide medical translation services and academic translation projects that meet the needs of a multilingual clientele.

To add subtitle files to your VLC player, follow the steps below: I am a Middle Eastern man currently living in the United States. I offer a professional Arabic/English translation service. If you need language help, contact me. Mother tongue Arabic. Excellent communication skills. Self-directed, organized and detail-oriented. I can translate from Arabic to English and from Kurdish, from English to Arabic and Kurdish. Professional in military and religious translations and more. We offer a range of services for you to choose from, including Spanish website translation and localization, Spanish video translation, Spanish transcription, and Spanish document translation. Languages available in: The download links above have Boston Legal – Season 1 subtitles in the languages.