What is Air Balancing?

Your home has many rooms to which your heating and air conditioning system delivers warm or cool air. Your system needs to be adjusted to provide the proper amount of air to each room. This is known as air balancing.

How Does it Work?

Utilizing air flow hoods along with a variety of other tools, a technician can precisely test the airflow of your system and adjust it accordingly so that your system provides your home with the optimal amount of comfort and efficiency.

Air Force 1 technicians are certified by the National Comfort Institute in airflow testing, balancing, and adjusting. We can test, diagnose, and repair your air distribution system (ductwork) to ensure it is providing the proper amount of air to each of your rooms. As a result your heating and cooling system will be operating at peak efficiency, providing your home with the maximum amount of comfort.

Proper air balancing can have a major effect on the day to day operation of your HVAC system, improving efficiency and indoor air quality and reducing energy bills. Call us today for more information or to schedule an air balancing consult.

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